November 2021 update: 4,616 changes, recruiting questionnaires added

Yesterday morning, our November 2021 updates were emailed to our customers. They included 4,616 total changes across all divisions of every sport, broken down as follows. Coaches added: 2,372 Coaches removed: 1,449 Jobs changed: 297 Phone-numbers changed: 344 Emails changed: 154 In addition to the thousands of changes made, links to recruiting questionnaires were also[…]

10 new sports have been added

When Contact College Coaches launched in April 2017, we had only one list of college coaches’ contact information: the men’s basketball database. Slowly, over time, that number grew — to two, then four, then 10. Now, with the launch of 10 new sports in October 2021, we proudly offer 30 different lists. What a difference[…]