The May 2024 update was completed and sent out to our customers yesterday.

In total, there were 4,432 changes made across all of our databases of college coaches’ contact information — a number that is large, but is about average for a typical month. Here is the breakdown of those changes.

  • There were 1,332 people added to a new program.
  • There were 2,064 people who were removed from their program.
  • There were 1,036 other instances where at least one piece of information changed.
    • This does not include coaches being added to programs. Examples include if somebody had their email address added to the database, if a football coach switched positions on a defensive staff and if a person had their phone number added.

All of these changes are tracked and marked in the added and removed columns of our databases. Our customers can see the exact breakdown of what changed by sorting columns F and G on each sheet in every database.

-Eric Van Dril, Founder/CEO (June 4, 2024)

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