Here are some suggestions for athletes who are about to email college coaches to start their recruitment.

Your initial email to a college coach should be simple, concise, truthful, genuine and to the point. It’s best to introduce yourself in the first sentence of the first paragraph.

After that, it’s wise to include the following information.

  • Year in school.
  • High school and club team (if applicable).
  • Height and weight.
  • Position(s).
  • Highlight video. This is strongly, strongly recommended — even if it’s just a short video of a game or practice.
  • GPA, class rank and ACT/SAT scores (if applicable). The better these three things are, the more options you will have.
  • Any awards you may have received — on the court, in the classroom, in the community, etc.

Before you send your initial email, it’s best to have somebody — a teacher, parent, friend, coach, etc. — read over your message.

It’s also best to make sure your social media accounts reflect what you want a college coach to see. College coaches check social media accounts. A social media account that reflects poorly on an athlete can lead to the end to his or her recruitment, or prevent it from even starting.

The easiest way to send a mass email

Purchasing a database makes it extremely easy to send an introductory email to many college coaches at the same time, if you choose to do so.

Here is how to best do that.

First, list your own email address in the “To:” field. Then, copy all of the email addresses you want to send in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You can copy multiple emails at the same time by dragging your mouse up or down in the email address column of the Excel spreadsheet.

Once you’ve copied the email addresses you want to send, paste those addresses into the “bcc:” field of your email.

Your email provider will only allow users to send a specific number of emails each day. Google, for example, only allows 500 emails to be sent each day.

If you don’t eclipse that number, click “send” on your email.

Like that, your recruitment has begun.