If you are underrecruited or undiscovered, it’s best to be proactive. Don’t wait for college coaches to find you. Don’t rely on somebody else to reach out to a college coach on your behalf. Market yourself by contacting college coaches directly.

Our databases make doing that easier than ever.

They include contact information for every college program in the country — at the Division I, Division II, Division III, JuCo and NAIA levels. You will save yourself hours by using them.

Instead of searching all over the internet for the contact information of college coaches, the data is compiled into neatly-organized spreadsheets. Each database includes free, monthly updates for the duration of the subscription.

Here is an example of how the databases’ are organized.

The Division I programs are sorted by conference, and can be sorted by state or region. The other four levels are sorted by state, but can also be sorted by conference or region.

Let’s say you want to play NAIA men’s basketball in the Midwest — in a city that has fewer than 10,000 people. You can sort the database to find all of that information quickly and easily.

A sample of the NAIA MBB database, sorted by the population column.

Furthermore, purchasing one of our databases makes it simple to send an email to hundreds of college coaches at once. All you have to do is copy and paste email addresses into the bbc field of an email. Here is the best way to do so. The Excel spreadsheets are also easy to import into a mail-merge program.

A process that used to take days — for some, weeks — now takes minutes.

Plus, more than 15 columns of school-specific information for each school are to the right of coaches’ and teams’ social-media accounts.

The school-specific information (the majority of which is via the National Center for Education Statistics) is immensely valuable in helping athletes identify the best colleges for them. The information listed includes: average GPA, test scores, total cost, majors offered, size of the student body, size of the city, religious affiliation, U.S. News rank and acceptance rate.

Click here for an in-depth tutorial. You can email info@contactcollegecoaches.com for a sample.

So don’t wait. Don’t be intimidated. Start your recruitment today.