The March 2024 update had one of the highest rates of turnover over the last calendar year.

A total of 10,221 changes were made. There were 4,210 people who were added to our databases, and 3,796 who were removed.

The remaining 2,215 changes were pieces of information that was altered — whether it be a change to an email, phone number, name or job.

Unsurprisingly, the sport with the most changes made in the March update was football. There were 2,775 changes made across the six divisions, which accounts for 27.15% of the turnover among all of our sports.

The sport with the next-highest number of changes was baseball with 838 changes. Men’s basketball (586), women’s volleyball (580), women’s soccer (525) and women’s basketball (525) all had a similar amount of turnover in the March update.

-Eric Van Dril, Founder/CEO (April 17, 2024)

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