Sometimes, when an update is underway, I think, “Wow, this is flying. We’re going so fast.”

July was not one of those months.

Like June, there were a ton of updates in July. No wonder it felt like it was taking ages to complete.

Here is the breakdown.

  • Total changes made, across all sports: 12,775
  • Total people added: 4,083
  • Total people removed: 6,251
  • Total people with at least one piece of information altered: 2,441
  • Rate of change: 13.668%

There wasn’t one sport that dominated the changes.

Baseball and softball were certainly both elevated in comparison to where they normally are, with 958 and 828 changes, respectively. That is to be expected, as a sport’s rate-of-change usually spikes in the three months following the end of a season.

But football (1,330 total changes), men’s basketball (1,034), women’s basketball (1,051) and women’s volleyball (759) were also very active in comparison to expectations.

There also wasn’t much of a difference between divisions, either, which also bucks the trend that appears throughout most months. For instance, NAIA is usually the division that is the quietest, but it had 1,570 total changes in July.

August should be quieter than June and July, but the narrative has already been set: it’s been a very busy year for college coaching changes. And that was reflected in June and July.

-Eric Van Dril, Founder/CEO (August 8, 2023)

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