Right before he subscribed, a recent new customer had a request: would it be possible to change the regions listed in the region column of our databases of college coaches contact information to something a little bit more straightforward? Specifically, to the regions on this map?

We had been using the regions listed on the U.S. census. After taking a second look, it was clear that the new customer was right. They needed to be changed.

For example, North Carolina’s region should just be listed as South instead of “South (South Atlantic).” It would be much better if Pennsylvania’s region is Mid-Atlantic instead of “Northeast (Middle Atlantic).” And Missouri should be listed as Midwest instead of “Midwest (West North Central)”

The super-specific region labels were way too complex. Simple would be better in this instance.

So prior to sending out the October update on Oct. 31st, I used the map above to change all of the regions in our databases. That’s how they will be listed, moving forward.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you, as a current customer or prospective customer, ever have an idea of a way to make our databases better. Many of our improvements have come from customer suggestions — from adding social-media information to compiling prospective-recruit questionnaires to tweaking the way in which regions are labeled.

Feedback and the floating of ideas is always greatly appreciated.

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