Rick Pitino was hired at St. John’s, leading to myriad coaching changes in our men’s basketball database.

March is traditionally one of the busiest months for coaching changes across several sports.

Baseball and softball staffs are finalized as the season gets underway. Football staffs come together at this time of the year, with many coaches changing schools — and many others changing positions after their colleagues depart. And college basketball’s hirings and firings really start to pick up as March Madness winds down. High-profile changes create a domino effect.

March 2023 was no different.

There was an 8.29% total rate of change across all of our databases.

Let’s break that down.

In total, there were 7,819 changes. There were 3,124 people added to our databases — and another 1,839 who had at least one piece of information altered.

There were also 2,856 people removed from our databases this month.

March is up there with September as one of the busiest months. There is a ton of turnover, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary. The busiest months are like this.

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