Over the holidays, we were able to add updated information for six different columns in our databases of college coaches’ contact information.

  • Average GPA
  • SAT-Reading (25-75th percentile)
  • SAT-Math (25-75th percentile)
  • ACT Composite (25-75th percentile)
  • Acceptance Rate
  • Total Yearly Cost

The updated information hit our customers’ inboxes on Tuesday, January 24, when the January 2023 update was sent out.

Here what it looked like. Click to enlarge.

A sample of the new school-specific information, with newly-updated data in yellow.

Data for five of the six column was pulled and processed from the United States government’s IPEDS database, which is publicly listed and a fantastic resource. That’s where we get the majority of our school-specific data, which is listed to the right of coaches’ social-media information in our databases.

Average GPA was the lone outlier amongst the six columns with updated data. We had a team conduct a series of Google searches to compile that information for DI, DII, DIII and NAIA programs.

In the coming months, we will do a quality-control check on the links to majors/programs that schools offer. After that, we should have everything up-to-date.

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