With the college baseball season underway, I thought it would be interesting to look at how many changes there were to our database of college baseball coaches’ contact information during an offseason that stretched from June 2022 to February 2023.

Here’s what I found.

  • There were a total of 4,247 changes.
  • 1,741 people left their programs.
  • 1,635 people joined a new program.
  • 871 other people had at least one piece of information change in the offseason: a job, email, phone number and/or name.

In total, there was a whopping 63.5% rate-of-change within the database over the nine updates made from June to February.

The highest amount of changes made were in July, August and September. That is typical after the end of any sport’s season. But the baseball changes stayed relatively steady throughout the offseason. There was never a massive drop-off.

One of the main pieces of feedback I hear in running Contact College Coaches is how nice it is to receive the free, monthly updates. It’s a relief, some of our customers tell me, to have a specialist monitoring and making changes to a database with 6,600 people in it.

They don’t have to track changes on their own — and then spend their freetime continuously visiting directories and pulling contact information for hundreds of coaches who are new to their program. They find it immensely helpful to have it all in one spreadsheet, at their fingertips, with changes marked in each month’s update.

The sheer amount of changes, coupled with the 63.5% rate-of-change, drives home that point.

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