Yesterday morning, our November 2021 updates were emailed to our customers. They included 4,616 total changes across all divisions of every sport, broken down as follows.

  • Coaches added: 2,372
  • Coaches removed: 1,449
  • Jobs changed: 297
  • Phone-numbers changed: 344
  • Emails changed: 154

In addition to the thousands of changes made, links to recruiting questionnaires were also added to every program in every division — with the exception of Division I schools. The Division I links are currently being compiled by our team, and will be added in time for the December 2021 update. It will be sent out near the end of the month.

The new-recruit questionnaires provide student-athletes with an additional way in which to begin conversations with college coaches and express their interest in playing for the program. They can be found in Column U of each line of our lists of college coaches’ contact information. They’re immediately to the right of the six columns of social-media information.

A sample of the newly-added column of new-recruit questionnaires.

-Eric Van Dril (12/1/21)