Earlier this month, we built and launched a new feature: a public, easy-to-use database of college programs’ records and postseason results. We currently have them for the DI, DII, DIII and NAIA levels for six different sports.

The database can be found here. We plan to add men’s and women’s college basketball once the 2021-22 season wraps up.

The goal in amassing this collection of data was two-fold.

First, it was surprisingly difficult to find every team’s records and postseason results in one location. The information is available on programs’ individual websites, but often not in one place. The exceptions were FBS football and men’s college basketball. It was practically impossible to find all in one location for other sports, especially at the Division II and Division III levels.

Second, we had the subscribers to our lists of college coaches’ contact information in mind when we conceived of this idea.

We wanted to build a hub of information that allows high-school and junior-college athletes, their parents and their coaches with the ability to look up a program’s recent history of performance when reaching out to college coaches.

It’s vital, in our opinion, to provide context when an athlete is searching for the right fit in a program: What kind of success has this program had in recent years? That’s often a critically-important question, especially when an athlete reaches the final stages of the recruitment process.

As time goes on, we’ll add more years and provide a larger sample size — to help provide more context and create a clearer picture.

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