The majority of colleges and universities field teams in some sports, but not all of them. It’s rare to find a school that offers everything.

Today, we launched a series of charts that list which schools offer which sports. They’re broken down by sport and division.

You can access each sport by clicking the following links, then clicking on the division you’re interested in.

These charts solve the issue faced by many prospective student-athletes going through the recruiting process.

For instance, let’s say you’re a softball player in the Midwest who wants to play for a Division III program on the West Coast, but you don’t know which schools play softball and which don’t.

Instead of going to each school’s athletic directory to get your answer, you can click here, pull up the chart and see every Division III softball program on the West Coast.

Softball California California Lutheran West
Softball California Chapman (CA) West
Softball California Claremont McKenna-Harvey Mudd-Scripps West
Softball California La Verne West
Softball California Occidental West
Softball California Pomona-Pitzer West
Softball California Redlands (CA) West
Softball California Whittier West
Softball Oregon George Fox West
Softball Oregon Lewis & Clark (OR) West
Softball Oregon Linfield West
Softball Oregon Pacific (OR) West
Softball Oregon Willamette West
Softball Washington Pacific Lutheran West
Softball Washington Puget Sound West
Softball Washington Whitworth West

Having this information all in one place serves as a starting point for prospective recruits.

The next step is to subscribe to one of our databases, which list every coach at those particular schools — along with their email addresses, position, phone numbers and social-media accounts.

Our databases also include prospective-recruit questionnaires for each program, as well as school-specific information.

So, if you’re that Midwestern softball player who’s interested in DIIIs on the West Coast, you can use our softball database to identify which of the schools with softball programs on the West Coast would be the best fit for you from an academic standpoint, a financial standpoint, a location standpoint (small city vs. medium-sized city vs. large city) and much more.

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