Typically, a lot of changes are made to our databases as school gets back in session in the fall, but this month was on another level.

In total, there were a whopping 11,314 changes made across all sports during the August 2022 update, which was sent out to our customers on Aug. 26th. There were 4,600 people removed — and 6,714 people were either added or had at least one piece of information (job, email, phone number, etc.) adjusted.

Division I and Division III led the way, as they typically do, with 3,385 and 2,978 total changes made, respectively. But it was NAIA that was truly surprising, with 1,642 total changes made.

I have never seen that NAIA number as high as it was in August.

The sheer amount of changes this month drives home the point that we hear from our customers all of the time: a lot of the value in purchasing a list of college coaches’ contact information from us is that you never have to worry about keeping track of all of the movement in college athletics.

It’s overwhelming for most, and the August 2022 update shows why.

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