This month, we conducted a quality-control check of the Division I sections of our lists of college coaches’ contact information prior to going through our typical updating process.

The goal of the QC check was pretty simple: look at every Division I college coach without an email listed in our databases, and try to track one down for them.

The result? We added 1,446 email addresses this month — across all sports in Division I.

This is something we plan on doing for the other four divisions throughout the summer. Division II will likely be the next QC check. We’ll start it in a week or two, and should have it ready for June.


In total, we added or adjusted information on 2,589 lines of data for Division I and removed 982 people, across all sports. Many of those changes were in the football, basketball and volleyball databases.

Here’s the breakdown of total people added/adjusted and removed from the other four divisions.

  • DII: 339 added/changed, 309 removed
  • DIII: 444 added/changed, 402 removed
  • JuCo: 373 added/changed, 301 removed
  • NAIA: 334 added/changed, 256 removed

In total, there were 4,079 people added/remove this month, which is nearly a record since we’ve been tracking the amount of changes made.

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