We’ve made a change to the Added? column in each of our lists of college coaches’ contact information after hearing from customers re: their desire for more insight into what has changed.

From this point forward, the Added? column in our databases will include a code. It’s as follows.

  • x = this person is completely new to that particular school.
  • e = this person has a new email listed. Usually, this means their email is entirely new. It can also mean that their email has changed — even one letter.
  • # = this person has either had a phone number added, or their number has changed.
  • j = this person has had a job change. Sometimes, it’s a promotion. Other times, it can be an assistant football coach switching to a different position, for instance.

Here’s an example, taken from one of our processing documents, of changes in NAIA football made in October 2021.

-Eric Van Dril (11/4/21)

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