This is an up-to-date list of every school that has a Junior College women’s water polo program.

If you’re interested in reaching out to water polo coaches, Contact College Coaches offers a complete list of college water polo coaches’ contact information. It’s updated once-per-month. It includes email addresses, phone numbers and social-media information for head coaches, assistant coaches, recruiting specialists, graduate assistants and directors of operations at every program in all five divisions.

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Women's Water Polo programs (JuCo)

Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAAAmerican RiverWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAACabrilloWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAACC of San FranciscoWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAACerritosWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAAChaffeyWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAACitrusWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAACuestaWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAACypressWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAADe AnzaWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAADiablo ValleyWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAAEast Los AngelesWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAAEl Camino CCWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAAFoothillWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAAFresno CityWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAAFullertonWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAAGolden WestWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAAGrossmontWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAALaneyWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAALas PositasWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAALong Beach CCWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAALos Angeles PierceWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAALos Angeles Trade TechWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAALos Angeles ValleyWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAAMarin CCWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAAMerced (CA)West
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAAModesto JCWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAAMt. San AntonioWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAAOhloneWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAAOrange CoastWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAAPalomarWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAAPasadena CityWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAARio HondoWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAARiverside CityWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAASacramento CityWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAASaddlebackWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAASan Diego MesaWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAASan Diego MiramarWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAASan Joaquin DeltaWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAASanta Barbara CCWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAASanta MonicaWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAASierraWest
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAASouthwestern (CA)West
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAAVentura (CA)West
Women's Water PoloCaliforniaJC-CCCAAWest ValleyWest

Note: This list was compiled on Dec. 28, 2022. Some schools add and eliminate athletic programs as time goes on, so this information can change. Those changes are completely up-to-date in our databases.