Complete lists of current women’s college soccer players (DI, DII, DIII)


These are complete, downloadable lists of every women’s college soccer team’s roster — combined into easy-to-sort Excel spreadsheets.

Every program is in the DI, DII and DIII lists. There are more than 7,300 athletes in each file. The vast majority have their year, position and hometown listed, too. The information allows users to understand which programs need what — and when.

The lists are up-to-date as of May 2021, and will be updated twice-a-year.

$175.00 every 6 months
$175.00 every 6 months
$175.00 every 6 months


In seconds, a full picture of the women’s college soccer landscape could be at your fingertips.

This tool is the only of its kind. With a few clicks, it can inform athletes, parents, coaches and scouts which programs need what — and when. It can also outline the makeup of a team’s roster, including: players’ heights, what areas of the country they typically recruit and more.

The complete, compiled roster data is available for immediate download. You can specifically do so on the page after your payment information is entered, or via an automated invoice you’ll receive. The updates will be made in the spring and fall each year. Subscribers are charged bi-annually for access.

Contact Eric at to see a larger sample of the list.